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American Legion Post 197


  • C average and above and maintain C average in college.

  • Selection based on activities, honors, academics, and essay

April 1st-Return to Guidance Office cholarships/sholarshipHomepage.html

Applegate Scholarship

$1000 (2)

  • Awarded based on scholastic achievement, demonstrated character and leadership, service to community, participation in school activities, and statement of financial need.

  • Senior attending post-secondary program.

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Bill and Mary Lou Harvey Scholarship


  • Senior attending post-secondary program.

  • Preference to those that give back to the school and community.

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Christ the King Catholic Church, King Knights of Columbus

$500 (2)

  • Member of Christ the King Parish

  • Evaluation based on church attendance, service in parish ministries, and general involvement in parish life, school involvement, academics, community activities, and quality of application.

April 1st-Submitted to the church April 1st-Submitted to Knights of Columbus cholarships/sholarshipHomepage.html

Connie Fabrizius Memorial Golf Scholarship


  • Senior of TCHS pursuing higher education.

  • Golfer who has been on golf team a minimum of two years and meets criteria of the application.

April 1st-Submitted to Big Creek Board of Directors cholarships/sholarshipHomepage.html


  • Awarded to a TCHS senior graduate

April 1st-Return to Guidance

Collyer Community Alliance

attending any college or vocational/technical school

  • $500 for each semester. A transcript must be sent after the first semester showing satisfactory academic progress.

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Trego Community High School Class of 1968


  • Awarded to TCHS senior graduate attending any college or vocational/technical school.

  • Show leadership by their role in a major extracurricular activity (clubs, cheer, varsity sport, band, music, drama etc.)

  • Exemplify characteristics of a team player.

  • GPA of 3.0 or above

  • Student must be an individual who quietly does his best as a student athlete participant and has not, to this point, received due recognition as a major team participant.

  • Student selected based on recommendations from coaches, teachers, sponsors, and administrators.

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Ellis-Trego County School Food Service Association

  • Awarded to graduate with interest in food service, nutrition, restaurant management, flour milling, grains, etc.

  • Must attend post-secondary school in Kansas

Mail application prior to March 10th

See Guidance Office for Application

First United Methodist Church of WaKeeney

  • Application available to eligible active members directly from church

Return application to church scholarship committee

Fraternal Order of Eagles #3774

  • Aerie and Auxiliary will award a scholarship to a senior whose parent is in good standing of Aerie or Auxiliary.

  • Application is to be dropped off at the Eagles Lodge after 5:00 P.M.

  • Applications available on the

Applications Due April 22 at the Eagles Lodge by the close of business. website.

Frontier Ag

$250 Renewable up to 7 times

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0

  • Must live with parent or guardian who is a member in good standing at Frontier Ag. Inc.

March 1-Due to Frontier Ag ship-program/

Hutchinson Memorial Scholarship


  • Full consideration and encouragement shall be given but not restricted to candidates who will attend a church-related school, and/or candidates as may be members of the Presbyterian Church of WaKeeney. Application available at church office and tregoeagles website.

April 15th-Return application and supporting materials to TCHS Guidance Office cholarships/sholarshipHomepage.html


  • Related to a member of the Masons.

Check with local Masons


  • Employee Scholarship

Check with McDonald’s Manager

Mike’s Place Scholarship

$500 ($250 per semester)

  • Student interested in a career in business and is planning to return to this area.

  • Must submit transcript after the 1st semester to receive second half of scholarship.

  • Selection made by the Board of Directors for the Trego Community Foundation for Educational Excellence and presented at the Spring Senior Recognition ceremony at TCHS.

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Nancy Scott Memorial


  • Awarded to a student on the basis of scholastic achievement, demonstrated character and leadership, service to school and community, and participation in school activities.

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  • Those students demonstrating a sincere desire to pursue a career as a professional educator will receive special consideration.

Pat and Goldie Gardner


  • Scholastic record and potential, leadership abilities, character, responsible involvement in school and community activities, two letters of recommendation, essay

  • Must attend Fort Hays State

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P.E.O STAR Scholarship International


  • Open to junior women

  • Unweighted GPA of 3.0-4.0

  • Citizen or Permanent resident of the United States

  • Plans to attend post-secondary educational institution in the United States or Canada, full-time or part-time, the the fall of the academic year following high school graduation.

  • Recommended by the vote of a

P.E.O. chapter.

Deadline: September 1, 2017

Contact Lisa Frost

P.E.O. Local Scholarship


  • Female high school senior attending a 2 or 4 year college

  • GPA 3.5 or higher

  • Two references

  • Chapter CT Scholarship Committee may choose to interview candidates

  • Please check scholarship guidelines for additional information

Deadline: April 15 cholarships/sholarshipHomepage.html

Pugh/Rhoden Scholarship


  • Senior Attending Fort Hays State University

  • Demonstrates the qualities of leadership, scholarship, citizenship, and service

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Roberts L. Lander Memorial Scholarship


  • TCHS Senior active in Ogallah Christian Church Activities

  • Essay and Letters of Recommendation

April 18th-Return to Guidance Office

Application available from Guidance Office

Ryan Schrant Memorial Scholarship

  • Awarded to a TCHS graduating senior who is pursuing a vocational/technical certification to be completed in two or fewer years.

April 15th-Return to Guidance Office cholarships/sholarshipHomepage.html

Shaw Family Scholarship


  • Awarded on the basis of scholastic achievement, demonstrated character and leadership, service to school and community, participation in school activities, and a statement of financial need.

  • Preference given to student majoring in some phase of journalism.

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Shelter Insurance Foundation Scholarship


  • Awarded to a high school senior attending TCHS

  • Based on scholastic achievement, participation and leadership in school and community activities, citizenship and moral character, and educational goals.

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TCHS Alumni

$200 (2)

  • Based on Good Citizen Award

  • Voted on by teachers.

Trego County Scholarship


  • TCHS Seniors showing financial

  • need, and demonstrating a strong desire to continue his or her education, and possess proof of said desire in the form of previous

March 31st

Application is usually mailed to all Seniors. An interview will be conducted with the Trego County Board of Commissioners.

academic performance or community involvement.

Trego County 4-H Development Fund

  • Member of Trego County 4-H club.

  • Eligible candidates should receive application from Trego County Extension Office.

  • Must submit application, 2 letters of reference, permanent 4-H record.

March 15th-Deliver to Trego County Extension Office

Trego County Farm Bureau


  • Application, essay, transcripts, and recommendations due to Farm Bureau office

  • Scholarship Contact: Stephanie Eckroat, County Coordinator, Trego County Farm Bureau Association, 523 Russell Ave, WaKeeney, KS 67672

April 15th-Return to Farm Bureau Office cholarships/sholarshipHomepage.html

Trego County Hospital Endowment Foundation

  • Applicant must have been accepted into a specific medical related

  • Application and details available at the Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation Office.

post-secondary program at the time of the application;( therefore most high school students may not be eligible to apply.)

March 1st

Trego Endowment Foundation Office

WaKeeney Jaycees


  • Scholastic ability and record, character, reliability and sense of responsibility, civic, and school and church interest, personal resume, short article.

  • Must attend a Kansas school

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WaKeeney Odd Fellows Scholarship


  • Resident of Trego County attending a college or vo-tech in Kansas.

April 1st-Return to Guidance Office cholarships/sholarshipHomepage.html

WaKeeney VFW #3449 Auxiliary


  • Graduating Senior attending post-secondary education,

  • Based on character, transcript, involvement in civic, community, and church groups, involvement in school activities, and scholastic honors.

including a university, college, or trade school.

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This teacher has worked with me during my junior or senior year.

This teacher can reflect on my maturity and my intellectual growth.

This teacher would be able to tell about a specific incident that showed my positive qualities.

This teacher agreed to write my letter of recommendation without hesitation.

This teacher knows me as a person outside of the classroom.

This teacher can assess my academic and personal achievements and potential.

Make the Request early.

Give your teacher some direction.

  1. Provide a clear deadline. Request the letter at least 2 weeks in advance.

  2. Give your teacher some guidance on what should be expressed in the letter.

    1. List three qualities of yours that you would want your recommendation to express.

    2. For each quality provide some proof. Remind your teachers with examples of how you exhibited these qualities. You can cite projects, papers, awards, honors, extra-curricular work, etc.