Girls' bball
Varsity Schedule Pics 10-11
1. 12/6 Dighton @ Home 6:15 pm X 30-48
2. 12/9-14 Purple and Gold Tourn. @ Home 3 pm
Smith Center
Western Plains
Northern Valley

38-50 46-22

3. 12/17 Trego @ Hoxie 6:15 pm X 18-78

4. 12/20 Trego @Smith Center 6:15 pm

X 36-30
5. 1/7 Wheatland/Grinnell @ Home 6:15 pm X 44-38
6. 1/10 Plainville @ Home 6:15 pm X 53-38

7. 1/20-25 NWKL Tourn.
Wichita County
Wallace County

X 56-37
8. 1/28 Trego @ Norton 6:15 pm X 47-61
9. 1/31 Trego @ Hill City 6:15 pm X 34-50
10. 2/17 Oakley @ Home 6:15 pm   36-27
11. 2/7 Trego @ Osborne 6:15 pm X 26-60
12. 2/10 Phillipsburg @ Home 6:15 pm X 31-57
13. 2/11 Trego @ Otis-Bison 6:15pm 52-44
14. 2/14 Stockton @ Home 6:15 pm
15. 2/17 Oakley @ Home 6:15 pm X 36-27
16. 2/18 Ellis @ Home 6:15pm X 38-54
18. 2/25 Trego @ Quinter 6:15pm X 55-36
19. 3/3-8 Sub-State
Home vs. Hill City
X 41-48
Girls' Basketball Team 2013/2014
TCHS Lady Eagles Basketball Team 2013/2014 (front from left) Molly M., Kacie D., Josie Molitor, Emily Buchholz & Cheyenne Nickelson;(second row) Mao Mimura, Teghan Sells, Mariah Brungardt, & J. B.;(third row) Allyson Denning, Shaylee Flax, Melea Hladky, Carli Nowlin & Peyton D.;(back) Hailey Weigel & Addie Z.

Girls’ season ends in match-up against Hill City

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By Emarie Schoenthaler
The Trego Lady Eagles basketball team fell short in the first round of Sub-State against Hill City at home on March 3.

The Eagles started out hot in the first quarter with 11 points to Hill City’s six.  Then a nail-biter got underway in the second quarter when the teams tied with nine points, to end the half with a 20-15 Trego lead.  The Ringnecks charged back in the third quarter, scoring 18 points over Trego’s six. Despite matching the Ringnecks point count in the final quarter, the Lady Eagles’ deficit in the third quarter resulted in a 41-48 game loss.  

Hailey Weigel led the team in points with 12, followed by Addie Z. with nine. Allyson Denning had the most steals with three.

Coach Jerod Brown commented about the game and the Lady Eagles’ season.

"This one was gut-wrenching.  I feel so bad for these young women who played their hearts out again.  I will have to go back and look at the tape, but overall I thought we played well.  It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't bad, either.  Give Hill City credit.  In the end, they made their shots and we didn't.  It was two evenly matched teams that played their hearts out to the end.  They just ended up being a couple shots better on this night.

"I am more heart-broken with the fact that this loss ended the season.  From a basketball standpoint, we really felt like we could, and should, be playing into the weekend.  We were planning on it.  To suddenly be done hurts a lot.  It especially hurts to say goodbye to Addie and Hailey, who are going to be greatly missed.  It also hurts to feel as though we let down the great support that we have received all through the year.  Those who came and cheered us on this season meant more to all of us than they probably realize.  They kept the girls up when they wanted to get down.  All of this made Monday night a difficult one.  However, what hurts the most for me is the reality that I won't get to spend time each day with all of these special young ladies.

  “It has truly been a memorable season... even better than I imagined.  Realistically, there is no way I can put the feelings of this season into words. I just know that before the season began, I was preparing myself to coach and teach the game of basketball as adequately as possible.  I was not preparing myself to be so drawn in by the uniqueness and special qualities of each and every one of these ladies.  I shared at "Meet the Eagles" that I thought this was a special group.  I was wrong.  They are an EXTREMELY-special group!  They set the bar high and have created new expectations for the years ahead.  
We started the year with the goal of making teams and towns around us respectively say, "What about Trego?"  I think we accomplished our goal and feel it is time to move on from the question.  That is why, even in the midst of the locker room sadness, it was still a great feeling to be able to gather one more time as this team, put our arms around each other, and not ask a question... but instead, with confidence and pride, hold our heads high and declare that "WE ARE TREGO!"

The 10-11 Trego Lady Eagles’ basketball team was coached by Brown and LaTrisha Flax.