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Friday's theme: How ugly can it get?

This Friday is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, and KAY is asking you to dawn your best ugly Christmas sweater and attend Friday's game. The uglier it gets the more Eagle pride we show.


TCHS choir to present Christmas concert

The TCHS Choir will present their Winter Concert on Monday, December 18 at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium. The Girls Ensemble will sing "Sending You a Little Christmas," "A Holiday Sleigh Ride" the Trego Singers will perform "Please Come Home for Christmas." The TCHS Choir will perform "Christmas on Broadway (a medley of Christmas tunes)," "Carol of the Bells," "Under Winter Moon," "Silver Bells," and "Christmas Carol Jamboree." You are invited to join these students for their annual concert Monday, December 18th.


Meet senior-Madison Schoenthaler

Madison Schoenthaler

Making memories, Madison Schoenthaler cheers for the Eagles.

By Clay Burk
Senior Madison Schoenthaler is getting ready to finish her senior year at high school. She says that “High school was definitely a growing time in my life.”

After her senior year Madison plans to go to Fort Hays University to major in Nursing/Pre-Med. She says that she has enjoyed all the classes that she has taken. However, she wishes she paid more attention in her math classes.

A memory that she will never forget is the time that she spent cheering for TCHS sports.

To make her senior year memorable, she says that she is “doing a lot of fun classes and being involved in everything I can.”

Looking back at her years through high school, she wishes that she wouldn’t have stressed so much. Some advice she has for underclassmen is to “be involved in what you can be, enjoy everything, and take every opportunity you are given.”







Meet senior Matthew Potter

Matthew Potter
Sporting his FCCLA softball tournament shirt, Matthew Potter has begun getting more involved in the organization.
By Austin Wagner
As Matthew Potter is beginning to anticipate graduation, he is looking to his future and making plans.  His plans are to go to college, but he has not yet decided exactly what school.  He has visited Beloit for automotive and diesel technician.

Potter plans to make the rest of his time here at TCHS memorable by doing his best and getting more involved. He has actually been busy in FCCLA helping with fundraisers and concessions.

He also wants to stay focused on his classes. In fact, his advice to the underclassmen is to stay focused and never give up. Potter admits that he learned this because he didn’t always stay focused in his classes, and he especially wishes he would have stayed more focused in his math and English classes.

Finally, while Potter says that high school helped him stay out of trouble outside of school, he admits that occasionally he got into more than his share of trouble in class.

No matter what they future brings, Potter knows there is much about high school that will stick with him.  “I know that one of the things I will never forget is the homecoming events every year.”




Trego scholars’ bowl goes 5-4 at Hill City

By Sybil Giefer
At Hill City on Monday, December 4, TCHS’s scholars’ bowl team competed, finishing the day with a 5-4 record.

In the first round against Hoxie, Trego won with a score of 50-10. Bernard Giefer answered four questions correctly, and Brenna Flax answered one.

Trego went against Stockton in their second round but fell short, ending the round with a loss of 25-50. Ruchi Bhakta answered two correct questions, and Flax answered one.

Though facing tough competition in Northern Valley, the Eagles’ scholars’ bowl team pulled through with a win in the third round of 40-30. Giefer correctly answered three questions, and Flax answered one.

Coming out with a winning score of 50-20, TCHS defeated Thunder Ridge in the fourth round. Giefer answered three questions, Bhakta answered one, and Flax answered one.

In a rough round, Trego fell 10-60 against Ellis in the fifth round. Giefer correctly answered one question.

The Eagles came back with a win against Plainville in the sixth round. With a score of 30-10, Giefer correctly answered the three questions that earned all of their points.

In the seventh round, Trego once again fell to Hill City Black with a final score of 20-60. Bhakta and Flax each answered one question correctly.

In round eight, however, against Hill City Red, TCHS came out victorious finishing the round 30-20. Giefer answered three questions.

In the final round, Trego fell to Osborne 60-50. Giefer answered three questions, Bhakta answered one, and Valerie Scott answered one.

Bernard Giefer finished the day as the Eagle’s top scorer with a total of 17 questions correctly answered.

The Eagles will next compete at Russell on Monday, December 18.




Trego students compete at FHSU math relays

Math Relays
Students (from left) Ruchi Bhakta, Sybil Giefer, Helen Giefer, Brenna Flax, and Keagan Shubert achieved a top ten placing at the annual Math Relays sponsored by FHSU.

By Helen Giefer
Several TCHS students traveled to Hays to compete in the FHSU math relays. The team did very well, placing fifth out of 13 teams.  

The event consisted of six different tests. The categories were Using Number Sense, Trigonometry, Algebraic Manipulations, Informal Geometry and Measurement, Applications of Algebra/Arithmetic, and Calculations with Calculators. Either teams or individuals compete. Individuals are given 20 minutes to complete as much as possible of the 50 question test. Teams are divided into three people; the first two each get six and a half minutes, and the third member is given seven minutes to complete the test. Correct answers are worth one point, but an incorrect answer docks the score by 0.25 of a point. All sizes of schools compete against each other, but each event is broken down into the various grade levels.

On the first test, Using Number Sense, Trego had two juniors place in the top ten. Helen Giefer took fifth place with 22 correct answers and one incorrect answer for a score of 21.75, and Brenna Flax answered 18 questions correctly, placing tenth with a score of 16.25. Ruchi Bhakta took seventh place at the senior level with 21 correct answers and a score of 20.5.

Ruchi Bhakta did exceptionally well on the second test, Trigonometry, taking home a silver medal at the senior level with 19 correct answers and a weighted score of 18.75. Sophomore Sybil Giefer, who had to go up a level and compete with juniors, took fourth with a score of 15.25 after answering 16 questions correctly. Her sister, Helen, was right behind her, finishing fifth with 15 correct answers and a score of 14.25.

In event three, Algebraic Manipulations, Helen Giefer took second place with 35 correct answers and a 34.75 score. On the fourth test, Informal Geometry and Measurement, the eleventh grade team of Keagan Shubert, Brenna Flax, and Helen Giefer tied for second place with a score of 13 and answered 14 questions correctly. The fifth event saw no Eagles in the top ten; however, in the final event, Calculations with Calculators, Helen Giefer managed a first place finish with 32 correct answers and a score of 31.5. Sybil Giefer also placed, taking home a bronze medal with an 18.25 score and 19 correct answers.

Senior Taylor Sells, a three-year participant in the event, commented, “It is cool to have a competition for academics rather than sports. There are a lot of competitions for sports, but other than Scholar’s Bowl, there isn’t really another academic competition.”


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