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Mascot mania

KAKE is offering a chance to win a $3,500 mascot costume and $1,000 regional prize to area schools.   All that you have to do is vote and show that you’re the best fan of your school.  They break each school down into zones to keep the contest locally based.   Everyone can vote once every day and the contest will run until October 9.   The latest results will be posted on KAKE Sports.  In order to vote, click here.


Community appreciation day

Wednesday, October 21st
Start at 8:30 am
Stop at 3:00pm

Students will meet at the high school then go to assigned jobs

The community does a great deal for TCHS, and we would like to say thanks by providing helping hands on odd jobs that anyone in the community may have.  Our students have the opportunity to give back to their community, work with a variety of people, learn cooperative work skills, apply problem solving, and feel good about helping others.

You have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, would like to sponsor a small group on that day, or have a job for us, please call 743-2061 by Monday, October 19th


Meet the seniors- Brian

Enjoying his free time, Brian sketches a drawing with extreme concentration.

By Alyssa
Celebrating his last year, Brian gives us an insight on his life after high school.

Brian plans to leave Kansas and attend an out-of-state music or art school either in Colorado or Missouri.

Brian enjoys drawing with pencil or charcoal, but he doesn’t like to paint because he is color blind. He also plays drums in a band.

His advice for underclassmen is to “walk faster in the hallways.”

To make his last year of high school memorable, he plans to get a rose and dagger tattoo and then get his lip pierced.

Brian says, “High school has not been my favorite place, but I still managed to form my own identity.”





Cross country takes on Ogallah

Wrapped in fleece and windbreakers, the cross country team manages to “crack a smile” after their accomplishment with the elements on October 3. From left: Alumni Robert Clark, Ian, Helen, Kelby, Aleah, Seth, Ryan, and Evan.  Not pictured: Sean, Bernard, and Willie.

By Kelby
Rain and cold weather didn’t stop the Trego cross country team from completing their annual Ogallah run.

Saturday, October 3, the cross country team woke up to an early morning of running. This wasn’t like a normal practice though.

Running from the swimming pool park in WaKeeney to Schreiner’s old fuel station in Ogallah, the cross country athletes ran on Old Highway 40 most of the distance, which comes to approximately 9.25 miles.

Helping at various mile markers, Jenna and Dawn Howard offered refreshments and encouragement to the runners along the way. Angela Wilds helped as well.

Running with the athletes, Jeff Rhoden and alumni runner, Robert Clark, joined them.

After the run, the team and helpers celebrated at the Pizza Hut.

“It takes a lot of determination and hard work to accomplish this. With 9 of the 10 runners completing the entire run, I feel it was quite an accomplishment for these young men and women,” commented Coach Gayle Pfannenstiel.


Meet the seniors- Mariah

In her free time, Mariah studies for upcoming tests, so that she may maintain good grades.
By Brenna
After an educational four years in high school, Mariah looks back on her school career.

Mariah plans to go to college to become an accountant and then wishes to take a test to become a Certified Public Accountant.

To make her senior year memorable, she plans to hang out with her high school friends, classmates, and make the best memories she can with them.

Mariah likes all the classes she took and benefitted from all of them. Her favorite was materials and processing. She only wishes she would have taken the parenting/foods class because “I’m not a real good cook and I would have liked to know how to sew.”

“I wish I would have planned out/ thought about where I am going to college before my senior year,” Mariah states.

Mariah has great advice for the underclassmen. “High school goes by fast. Make the best of being in high school. Before [you] know it, [you] will be heading into the real world.”

High school has impacted Mariah’s life dramatically. She feels that she has grown up, become more self-reliant, and is even more responsible.



Freshman learn driving

Drunk Driving
Dragging a cone, Lacey and Lt. Travis Phillips complete the obstacle course.

By Kelby
TCHS Freshman traveled to the Trego County Fairgrounds to learn the effects of texting and driving under the influence. The event was held by the Trego County Sheriff’s Office, the WaKeeney Police Department, and the Highway Patrol.

A driving course, which required students to maneuver through winding turns, to park correctly, and to demonstrate quick reaction times, was set up using traffic cones. The students wore impairment goggles, which simulate being under the influence, and drove golf carts, provided by the Big Creek Golf Course Association, through the course while officers pointed out how normal tasks can become immensely more difficult when drunk or texting.

“I thought that it was a really fun and interesting experience. It gave us a better understanding of how fatal drunk driving can be,” commented Brenna.

The officers who helped were Lt. Travis Phillips, Sheriff Richard Hanks, and Assistant Chief Chad Mann.

TCHS would like to thank all those who bring this “eye opener” of an event together.


Trego Student Council gains new ideas

Enjoying her time in Ellis, senior Brandi plays Ships and Sailors at the STUCO regional meeting on September 29.
By Alyssa
The TCHS Student Council went to a regional meeting in Ellis on September 29.

The meeting was attended by schools both large and small. Some schools present were Goodland, Great Bend, Hays, Ness City, and Palco.

The purpose of the meeting was to share ideas with other STUCO members from across the area.

When students arrived, they participated in an icebreaker game by playing people bingo.

The Ellis choir sang the National Anthem, and then the Ellis band performed.

David Cherry, KSHSAA Administrator, spoke about Workshop, which is STUCO’s summer camp, and introduced the speaker of the day, Shannon O’Leen, who was a Kansas City Chief’s Cheerleader.

O’Leen spoke about “Dream it, map it, and reach it.” She explained it as finding something to be passionate about, planning how to reach the goal, and taking action to make the dream happen.

Students then had time to share ideas with other Student Councils.

Kassidy, a representative for the junior class commented on the event.

“It was very educational and I loved that I got to talk to many different schools.”






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