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Meet Elyssa


By Austin
Elyssa will soon be graduating from TCHS, and she is looking forward to her future.

Her plans for after high school are to get her Bachelors Degree and work in the criminal justice field or social work.

However, she does look back with a few regrets. In fact, Elyssa wishes she would have studied differently and focused more during her first years of high school. This led to her advice to the underclassmen.  “It’s okay to goof around and have fun, but you still need to focus because grades do matter.” Elyssa also wishes she would have taken more math classes, anatomy & physiology, and food & nutrition.

Elyssa plans to make her senior year memorable by making, “every last event special.” High school impacted her life because she grew up and matured a lot during her four years of high school.




Coaches prepare for a strong season

Jeff Rhoden
Participating in a team scrimmage, Jeff Rhoden gets his shot blocked by Cedric .

By Alex
Coaches Jeff Rhoden, Jeremy Samson, and Jerod Brown are ready for another great season in their respective sports: boys’ basketball, wrestling, and girls’ basketball.

Coach Rhoden is serving his third season as the boys’ basketball coach for TCHS. Before that he coached the junior high for nine seasons. Rhoden currently has 21 boys to make up this year’s team. Rhoden hopes to continue his growth as a coach and implement ideas he learned at the KSHSAA coaching clinic.

Rhoden’s goal for this year is to keep a winning record. He wants to work on player development; he believes we need to be developing basketball skills and IQ throughout the entire season.

Rhoden noted that the team has great character; he knows that they will show up every day to work hard and prepare for game action. He stated, “They will have each other’s backs and will play the type of unselfish basketball that winning programs are known for.”

By the end of the season, Rhoden wants his team to go into the postseason of basketball and possibly qualify for state.

Jerod Brown
Catching a pass, Jerod Brown stops to show Taylor ball handling techniques.


Coach Samson is starting his eleventh year coaching and fourth as head coach for Trego. Samson currently has 14 boys out for wrestling this season.

His team goal is simple: “Get better each day.”

Jeremy Samson
Using his best coaching voice, Jeremy Samson lectures Tanner about using proper technique.

For himself, his goal is to create an environment within his program that promotes success. He wants to make the wrestlers succeed at their meets through his program.

Samson’s coaching philosophy is “you cannot always measure success by wins and losses; you have to gauge it on whether or not you are a better wrestler, person, or man because of the work you have put in.”

Brown, who’s starting his third year coaching girls’ basketball, has 19 girls ready to start off a great season.

Brown indicated that the team’s strength lies in their good work ethic. They want to be coached and do things the right way. Brown also complimented his players’ good speed, willingness to work together, and positive upperclassmen leadership.

Brown made a statement on where he wants to see the girls this season:

“My number one goal is to coach in a way that helps these girls expect and experience success.  I want them to have a year they will cherish for a long, long time.”


TCHS students attend career fair

Showing off her big check, Molly celebrates her first place win.

By Kelby
Business students from TCHS attended the Nex-Generation Round Up for Youth Career Fair and Expo in Stockton on November 18.

Molly won $500 for taking first place in the fair’s Nex-Great Idea Business Plan Competition.  Those competing had to turn in written plans about their business, make a display, and participate in an interview. Adjudicators then judged the project overall.

Other events of the day included a keynote presentation of “The YOGOWYPI Experience” by Bill Cordes and business sessions.  After the keynote speaker, students went to different stations with their interests. While at each station, they talked to various representatives who were there representing their college and the program they were enrolled in.

“There was a lady there that built her own business from the ground up,” commented Lacey.



Students learn much at FHSU hosted Science Day

By Brenna
Several students from both James Burk’s and Garrett Nekuda’s science classes were chosen to partake
Science Day

Seeing the differences in the quarter and the penny, Audra and Kassidy are searching for the UV rays at Science Day held at FHSU on November 16.

in Science Day, hosted by Fort Hays State University on November 16.

When the students arrived at the university, they were pushed into the chemistry department to learn about UV rays. They did an experiment to find how much copper was in coins and found that there is actually more copper in quarters than there is in pennies.

They then went on to learn about geo sciences. They went outside and learned about wind. They also took a temperature gun and used it to find the temperature of different objects. They then saw how hot objects float in water and colder objects sink.

After that, they went to the physics department. They saw a demonstration that showed them how to calculate wavelengths using a string and a strobe light.

To conclude the day, they finished in the bio department. The students were split up into teams to do four different tasks. They first found a DNA sequence. They then had to complete a genome to see if it had an abnormality. Finally, they looked at organisms in water to see if the water system was healthy or not.

Kassidy commented on the day’s events. “I thought it was a very educational day. I feel like I learned a lot.”

The students were taken to lunch for their hard work during the day and traveled back home.


Mathletes shine at math relays

By Alyssa
Several TCHS students traveled to Fort Hays for the annual Math Relays on November 12.  As a school, Trego took tenth place out of 21 2A and 3A schools.

The participants were involved in six events including Using Number Sense, Trigonometry, Algebraic Manipulations, Informal Geometry (measurement), Application of Algebra (arithmetic), and Calculations with Calculators. Students completed both as individuals and as teams.

The freshmen were very successful, with Helen placing first in Algebra Manipulation and fourth in Using Number Sense.  The team, consisting of Helen, Brenna, and Keagan, took fourth in Informal Geometry.

The sophomores also performed well.  Ruchi took fifth in Using Number Sense, and the team, Janae, Taylor, and Madison, took ninth.

The senior team tied for sixth in Trigonometry, the team consisted of Audra, Aaron, and Helen, who moved up to compete at senior level.

Congratulations to the math teams for a successful day. 


Students get appreciated

By Helen
On November 16, students were recognized for showing good character over the past few weeks.

They received desserts for showing respect during the Veteran’s Day program, being helpful on Community Appreciation Day and for working hard on the MAP tests they have taken over the past week. Additionally, the choir students were recognized for showing good leadership as they had to work some things out by themselves due to the passing of Kathy's husband.  

Students were dismissed from school by class. The seniors were first sent to get their deserts, followed by the freshmen, then the sophomores, and, last but not least, the juniors.

As the students were getting their desserts, the songs “Roar”, “Fight Song”, “Stronger”, and “We are the Champions” were played over the speakers.

Thanks again to those students who have shown great character over the past weeks!



From left: Amiya, Kaylyn, Brenna, Austin

TCHS choir students selected for district KMEA choir

Four Trego choir students were selected by live audition to sing in the NW District KMEA Choir to be held at the FHSU campus on December 5.

The students are Amiya, Austin, Brenna, and Kaylyn. The Choir will rehearse during the day at FHSU with other selected students from Northwest Kansas, and then will perform a concert at the Beach Schmidt Auditorium at 3:30 p.m. 

Admission is $5.00 for adults, and students get in free.  (This concert is the same day as the Elementary KMEA Concert, to be held at Beach Schmidt Auditorium at 12:30 p.m.)

Congratulations to these students!





Robin Hood—merry time had by all

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By Brenna
The TCHS choir was able to showcase a dramatic play in their annual musical entitled Robin Hood Tales of Ye Merry Woode held on November 13 and 14 in the high school auditorium.

Searching for Robin Hood in the crowd kept the audience engaged in the show. The talented choir also kept the audience engaged with their singing and a few silly antics.

The play took place in Nottingham, where Lady Kate and Prince John are ruining the lives of the lower class while Robin Hood and his Merry Men try to stop the evil rulers from ruining more innocent lives. Some of the other cast characters are the ladies of the court, such as Maid Marian and Lady Beatrice. There is also the quirky sheriff and his bumbling guards.

The night ended with Aaron thanking all who helped to make this night a success. Of course the greatest thanks went to Kathy Jamison for all her hard work and dedication in directing the musical.





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