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Time for Trego Show

Trego Show

The senior choir members, Codi Bliss, Grace’ Glatz, Valerie Scott, Cassidi Hickson, Michael Knight, and Bernard Giefer (not pictured) are excited about the annual Trego Show.
The Trego Show will be presented by the TCHS Choir on Tuesday, March 6, at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium.  There will be solos and duets, as well as performances by the Girls Ensemble, the Seniors, the Freshmen, the Trego Boys Ensemble, the Trego Singers and the Choir.  There will be a wide variety of music including 60's, pop, and country.  Come out for an evening of musical entertainment and join the TCHS Choir for their 2018 Trego Show.



Kansas Volleyball Association honors TCHS students

The Kansas Volleyball Association All-Academic Team and Team Academic Awards have been awarded to the following students: from left) Emma Anderson, Janae Huxman, Brenna Flax, Bailey Mattke, Gracie Pfannenstiel, Jenna Howard, Taylor Sells, Lili Shubert, and Libby Frost.
These awards are designed to honor high school varsity volleyball players and teams who have proven excellence in the classroom. To be eligible to receive the individual All-Academic award, individual players must be a varsity letter winner from the most recently completed season and have a specific grade point average.



Meet senior Tate Pfannenstiel

Adding points for the team, Tate Pfannenstiel shoots for three points at a home basketball game.

By Wyndom Giefer
With his final year of high school closing fast, Tate Pfannenstiel plans to move straight out into the world and rent a house.

Pfannenstiel plans to make his last year more memorable by, “hanging out with friends.”

When asked, “What classes have you most enjoyed?” he replied, “lifetime sports.” This is very appropriate for the senior because he has participated in football, basketball, and tennis.

Pfannenstiel said that the way high school has impacted his life was “great.”

His advice for the underclassmen is to, “live it up [while] you still can. Cause it [flies] by.”

He says that there is nothing he would have liked to do differently in his high school career.

Something the he will never forget about high school is, “When I lost a bet, and [I] had to wear Daisy Dukes to school.”



Forensics scores some medals

Gathering for a picture, the forensics team poses with their hard earned medals.

By Kelby Aschenbrenner
The TCHS forensics team scored some medals as they traveled to Wheatland on February 17.

Grace Glatz brought her A-game and placed first with her prose piece, “The Good Mother” by Elise Sharron. She brought along her poetry piece as well but did not place.

Gracie Hickson did very well also as she performed her serious solo entitled “Staph Infection” by Clay McLeod Chapman and placed third overall. She did place fourth with her informative as well.

Dylan Johnson and Michael Knight impressed the judges with their IDA enough to place them in the sixth position by the end of the day.

Dylan Johnson, Michael Knight, and Jaden Goff all preformed prose pieces but did not place.

Coach, Nanette Brown weighed in on the team’s performance.

“For our small, six person team, we rocked on Saturday. We had one competitor sick, so our IDA was just thrown together. With that being said, they still managed to break into finals. Our team was little, but we came home with four medals.”



Meet senior Jory Micek

Jory Micek
A part of the TCHS wrestling team, Jory Micek remains focused and serious in his match against his Goodland rival.

By Taylor Weigel
Upon graduation, Jory Micek plans to go to Cloud County to study in their Wind Energy Program.  Meanwhile, he plans to make the most out of his remaining time at TCHS by spending time with friends and having fun.

Micek does admit that perhaps at times he had too much fun in high school, stating that he wished he had gotten better grades, paid more attention in class, and made better decisions. 

He enjoyed his weights and lifetime sports classes and advised the underclassmen to get their General Education requirements out of the way so that they can enjoy taking more classes like his PE courses.

Finally, Micek looked back at his time here at TCHS and stated that one memory he would take with him was a painful one.  “I will never forget missing the boxes on box jumps and cutting up my shins, leaving scars."



Wrestlers bring home medals from MCEL

Three Trego Junior High wrestlers brought home medals from the MCEL meet held in Ellis on February 15. 

Tanner Sells became the 115 weight class champion by making short work of all his opponents.  Sells pinned both Will Schmidt of Oakley and George Crawford of Ellis. In his third match against Nathan Jaeger of Smith Center, Sells won in a 3-0 decision.  Sells then finished the tournament with two final pins against Clayton Sumner of Norton and Eric Moon of Phillipsburg. His performance earned him top spot on the podium.

Teammate Micah Burk scored the bronze medal in the 85 weight class with a 2-2 record.  Burk defeated Geron Ebner of Phillipsburg in a 7-0 decision and Sam Saltzman of Smith Center by a 5-0 decision.  However, he did fall to Carter Underhill of Hill City and Cohen Kaiser of Plainville.

Owen Day also placed in the tournament bringing home fourth place by defeating Ryan Stocker of Smith Center and Derek Keith of Hill City. 


Guest speaker pays visit to senior class

Sam Polifka speaks about how he was “super lucky” with the job he landed at Lewis Chrysler in Hays Kansas.

By William Wilson
Nan Brown’s Senior English class has been discussing and exploring issues related to secondary education.  As part of the unit, Brown brought in a guest speaker on February 15.

Sam Polifka informed the class about college and gave them a lot of wise and valuable information regarding ways to not only avoid debt, but that it is very common for freshmen in college to change their career choices. He also said that he himself changed what he wanted to go into, five times, just in his freshman year.

Student Carson Cook reflected on the experience.

“[He was] influential. He made me feel like college isn’t needed to be successful.”






KAY honors our veterans

The Valentines for Veterans program gave approximately 50 local veterans free admission to the TCHS basketball game on February 13. Handmade valentines and red remembrance poppies were distributed to the military service men and women in attendance. This service project was a combined effort between TCHS & TJH KAY groups and the local VFW Women’s Auxiliary. 



“Pennies for Patients”

Hunter Folsom appears to just be “hanging around” after students tape him to the wall as part of the Pennies for Patients fundraiser.

The Trego Community High School has spent much of February raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society with their annual “Pennies for Patients” fundraiser.

Students had the chance to participate in “Dollar Days.” For one dollar, they could buy an extra credit pass from a participating teacher.

On Wednesday, February 12, the student body had the opportunity to participate in a school wide activity “Stuck for a Buck.” Students who wished to purchase a piece of duct tape for one dollar could have the chance to tape fellow student, Hunter Folsom to the wall.

At our remaining home basketball games, our StuCo members collected change during the “Chuck your Change” blanket toss. This took place during the half time activities of the varsity boys basketball game. Community members could’ve also donated change to the “change bucket” located at the Project Prom cake raffle table.

All proceeds collected during the “Pennies for Patients” campaign in February were sent directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.





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