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Meet Dean Barney

Dean Barney
Enjoying his woods class, Dean Barney adds detailing to his project.

By Alyssa Hafliger
Nearing graduation, senior Dean Barney plans to go to Fort Hays State University to get his Doctorate in Psychology.

Looking back on his high school career, Barney commented that his favorite class is English “because I enjoy writing and telling stories.” However, his least favorite class would also be “English, because it makes me think deeply.”

Throughout high school, a common theme for Barney has been the importance of individuality. In fact, Barney wishes that he “would have stopped caring about what others said about [his] individuality a long time ago” because high school taught him that many people don’t appreciate individuality. “You have to fight to be who you are sometimes,” commented Barney.

As a result, Barney is making his final year memorable by being himself and gave the underclassmen some similar advice.

“Find your passion and let it take you places. Don’t let others make you think you’re a ‘bad’ different simply because you’re an individual.”

Scholars’ Bowl 5-2 at Ellis

By Emarie Schoenthaler
The Scholars’ Bowl team traveled to Ellis on January 12.

In the first round, the Eagles faced Ellis and fell 20-70. Next, they went up against Hill City, and ended with a score close score of 20-50.

The Eagles continued to struggle in round 3 and round 4, falling to Palco, 10-20, and LaCrosse, 10-60.

However, the Scholars’ Bowl team defeated Plainville in round 5, 10-0. They then found another win in the next round against Stockton, winning 30-10.

The last round against Ness City was very close, but the Eagles came up short with a final score of 20-25.

Their record for the day was 2-5.

Janae Huxman and Ruchi Bhakta tied with the most questions answered, answering five each.



Cooking up some fun

Ean Mong
Chef Ean shows freshman Dylan Johnson how to correctly dice a tomato during the Culinary Essential class.
By Gracie Hickson
The Culinary Essential class had the privilege to be instructed by Chef Ean Mong on January 11.

Local chef, Ean Mong came back TCHS to teach the cooking class how to make crème brulee and bruchetta. Mong graduated from TCHS and then graduated from cooking school in Las Vegas. Mong shared his story of his desire to become a chef from working at the Western KS Saloon and Grill at age 16. Mong currently is a private chef and government food inspector.

Students commented on how they benefited from Chef Ean.

Student Rylee Spencer commented, “I learned chopping and the proper ways to cut things.”

Cooper Desormiers noted that Chef Ean inspired him with leadership.






Trego scholars' bowl takes fourth at Hill City

By Michael Knight
Trego fought hard competition at Hill City on January 9, scoring 4 -2 and taking fourth place.

Trego started the day going against Plainville, scoring 30-0 for a win. They then went on to face Phillipsburg and got another win, scoring 70-30. Their next opponent, Norton, once again was defeated by Trego with a score of 70-50. Continuing with the winning streak, they took on Oakley getting a score of 30-20 and catching another win.

Trego moved into the semi finals going up against Hill City.  Their winning streak was ended with Hill City barely squeaking by scoring 20–35. In the finals, Trego faced of Norton, unfortunately falling to their opponent scoring 20-60.

The team’s junior, Bernard Geifer, answered the most questions answering 12 questions.

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