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Suicide Prevention

USD 208 works hard to support our students, staff, and community in every way we can.  To help ensure the social and emotional well being of all individuals associated with USD 208, all staff will be receiving training in suicide awareness and prevention.  We encourage all parents and any individuals that work with children to also go through the training.  The training that USD 208 is providing can be found on the website http://jasonfoundation.com/ and is free of charge.

TCHS KAY program to receive special recognition

On Saturday, November 5 the TCHS KAY will receive special recognition for their history of distinguished service and student leadership training. The event will be held in Topeka at the KSHSAA office at 12:30 PM.

TCHS will join nine other clubs across the state in receiving this special recognition.

KAY president, Kacie Dunn and current sponsor, LaTrisha Flax will be attending. Flax, who is now in her third year as KAY sponsor, commented on the honor.

“Trego Community High School has had a long-standing tradition for the KAY program, which started in 1970 by Ilona Zielger and has gone on to have several other sponsors. However, in 1987 Karen Flax took over and held the sponsors position for 26 years at the high school and in 2013 turned it over to LeAnn Brown a former Trego KAY member. It's because of her dedication and that of her former members that this club is getting this recognition. It's my goal to continue to work with my members to have a successful organization by doing a variety of service projects, attending camp, and hosting conferences. I am honored that I get to go and receive this recognition on behalf of TCHS KAY and all those that worked so hard to build it. Now we have the task of living up to that in the future as well.”


Trego students travel back in time Western style

History Project

Presenting their project about the Old West, Sage Dinkel and Tate Pfannenstiel show their video to the class.

By Helen Giefer
TCHS American History students expressed their Old West spirit by presenting a project for their class.

For the project, students had one partner and had to decide what kind of wagon they would take to the Old West, what materials they would take with them, where their starting and ending points were, what trails they would take, and what jobs they would have once they got there.

Next, they wrote about five people they met on the way. For each of their people, students had to say the name, where they met them, why they were there, what they were doing, and describe them.

Finally, the students made a video explaining about their destination and about their trip. Additionally, they could add an interview with one of the people they met on the way. Most students used their partner for the interview. The partner wore correct clothing and acted as a homesteader.

American History students gave a brief introduction of their journey to the Old West then presented their video in front of their class as well as the forensics and speech classes. According to most of the students, the project was fun, and it helped them learn more about the West. This project was a great experience for students to learn about the Old West. Also, it helped the students become more comfortable presenting in front of an audience.


Language Arts students discover new ways to argue

English Project
Ending their skit on a positive note, Austin Kinderknecht and Hunter Folsom pretend to take a selfie.  The skit involved a police officer (Folsom) convincing a driver (Kinderknecht) not to drive and text. 

By Alyssa Hafliger
In their Language Arts III class, juniors did an ethos, pathos, and logos project by writing and performing a brief skit using all three of these appeals.<

Ethos is ethical appeal, logos is logical appeal, and pathos is emotional appeal. These appeals are used in advertisements, political campaigns, and any type of persuasive speaking or writing.  Students can make better decisions and arguments if they can understand and analyze these everyday appeals.

The juniors started to identify these appeals as sophomores, but now they are expected to use and analyze the effectiveness of these appeals in their own and others arguments.

Some popular situations that the students chose to act out included convincing a teacher to give less homework, convincing the state to improve student lunches, and convincing parents to get a pet.

Sarah Schoenberger commented, “I found ways to convince my mom of things. It helped me gain a better understanding of the three appeals.”

Hunter Folsom also said, “If I combine the three appeals, my persuasive skills will be much better. The project better helped me understand how the three are used.”


 MCL Vocal Clinic at Trego Monday, Nov. 7

Terry Crull
Dr. Terry Crull, Associate Professor of Music

The MCL south division Vocal Clinic will be held at Trego Community High School on Monday, November 7.  The schools participating in the clinic are Ellis, Hill City, Oakley, Plainville, Stockton, and Trego. Choir members from these schools will begin rehearsals at 2:00 and then will present a concert at 6:30 for the community. Each school will perform two selections, followed by the combined choirs joining together on five songs.   

The director for the mass choir is Dr. Terry Crull, who is Associate Professor of Music and serves as Director of Choral Activities at Fort Hays State University. He conducts the Fort Hays Singers, Concert Choir, Women’s Chorale, Men’s Glee Club, and the Fall Musical.  He also conducts Smoky Hill Chorale, and teaches courses in choral conducting, choral music education, group voice, and music appreciation. Please join the choirs for this event that is only at Trego every 4-5 years. There is no admission charge.






Choir on the lookout for Princess Whatsername

By Lacey Windholz
The dwarves (Tanner Lowry, Bernard Giefer, Austin Cramer, and Carter Minson) practice their song, “Where’d You Get that Bling.”
The choir will be performing the musical, Princess Whatsername, on November 11 and 12 at 7:30 pm.

The story begins in the Misty Forest, where a girl is sleeping all alone.  But when she wakes, nothing looks familiar to her and she can't remember anything--not where she's from, how she got there, or even her own name. 

 The girl (played by senior Kacie Dunn) begins a journey to discover who she is, and she meets some fairy-tale characters along the way--Hansel & Gretel (seniors Alex & Lexus Haxton), Rumpelstiltskin (junior Bernard Giefer), Goldilocks (senior Bryn Hafliger) and the Three Bears. There is also Snow White (junior Amiya Schmitt) and the Seven Dwarves, Cinderella (senior Cheyenne Nickelson), and Rapunzel (Cassidi Hickson), to name a few.

Playing Princess Whatsername, Kacie Dunn practices a chase scene. “It is a chaotic but humorous part of the play where we get to ad lib and get the audience involved,” said Dunn.

 Some of the characters are helpful, some are dangerous, and some are just strange, but all have information to help the girl realize her true identity as a princess.  As with any good fairy tale, there's also a prince(senior Sean Conness) who is desperate to find the princess, but he's always one step behind and manages to rescue and win the hearts of all the wrong princesses! 

The choir is excited to perform this play. They invite all the community to come and watch the performance. Tickets are $5 for adults and $4 for students.

(Excerpt from Pioneer Drama)





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