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Important lunch changes

This is to inform all high school parents of a few changes your children will see during lunch in the next week or two. Starting next week on Monday, April 24 they will only be able to purchase seconds/extras on the main dish, milk, fruit, and vegetables. They will be able to still purchase these items just like always through their lunch account by seeing the cashier and getting a ticket for the item they purchase. Unfortunately, we have to stop selling breads, desserts, etc... due to state guidelines.

We do have some good news as well to go along with this change. Starting that same day, Monday, April 24, we will have additional items for sale after they have gone through the lunch line during the same time extras are normally sold. All of these items will be $0.75 each and these can be paid for with cash whenever they choose to purchase something or a punch card can be purchased that will be available starting Wednesday, April 19 for $7.50 which will have 10 punches on the card. These items cannot be paid for through their regular lunch account in Powerschool. These are items only available by cash purchase or with a punch card!

The items available will vary week to week, but may include granola bars, beef sticks, cereal bars, chips, crackers, fruit snacks, etc…



TCHS seniors want to help you

TCHS is once again hosting Senior to Senior Day on Wednesday, April 26 from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

If you are a senior citizen who has a job that you would like completed please call 743-2061 by Monday, April 24 or tell a TCHS senior.


Moden signs letter of intent

Molly Moden

Supported by her parents, Molly Moden signs her National Letter of Intent to ride on the division one equestrian team at the University of Georgia on April 12.


Trego choir members earn a trip to State

State Music Group State Music Individuals
At the State Music Festival, which will be held at Kansas Wesleyan in Salina on Saturday, April 29, the Trego Singers will perform “River of Freedom.” Also, the girls’ ensemble will sing “This Little Light of Mine.” Four soloists made it to State. Austin Cramer will perform “Shenandoah” and “Tally Ho;” Grace' Glatz will sing “Dream Valley” and “Loveliest of Trees;” Brenna Flax will sing “Crabbed Age and Youth” and “Go Way from My Window;” and Libby Frost will perform “The Lass from the Low Countree” and “The Loveliest of Songs My Heart is Singing.”




Seventh grade will hold silent auction for class quilt at Spring Concert on April 25

Pictured is the seventh grade class quilt to be auctioned off at the Spring Concert on April 25.

By Cambrie Kemp
The seventh grade FACS class practiced their sewing skills by creating quilt blocks to tell a story about themselves.

The students were able to create four squares each. On the first square, the students sewed on a button. On the second square, the students sewed on their name or initials. On the third square, the students showed something they were interested in. The students were able to use the fourth square as a “free space” for creativity. Each student was then given the chance to learn how to operate the sewing machine by sewing together their four squares to make one large square. As a class, the squares were sewn into rows and first semester’s squares were added to second semester’s to form a class quilt.

One student, Makala Wilson, commented on the quilt. “It’s very unique and colorful.” Another student, Madison Walt stated, “I think the money we raise from this quilt is going to a good cause.

The completed quilt will be displayed on Tuesday, April 25, at the 5-8th grade Spring Concert. For a chance to own the quilt, the quilt will be held as a silent auction and will go home with the highest bidder at the end of the night. All proceeds from the quilt will be donated to the Kansas Food Bank.




Meet Dalton Day

Dalton Day
Dalton Day poses for senior photos.
By Alyssa Hafliger
2017 graduate Dalton Day has set his dreams and wishes for the future. The first step after graduation is to attend Pratt for the lineman program.

Reflecting on the last four years, Day commented that he wished he would have tried harder and actually completed his homework.

This experience taught him to always give his best.  In fact his advice to the underclassmen was to "always try or it ends up making everything worse, including classes that you haven't even taken yet because you'll be out of the loop." He continued, "If something doesn't feel right, then all you're going to have is what's left, so stay in your lane."

Day’s favorite class to take was weights because he doesn’t mind working hard for the respectable, Pat Haxton.  However, Day wishes he would have paid more attention in any classes that had homework so it would have been easier for him.



Meet Tanner Lowry

Tanner Lowry
Earning another victory, Tanner Lowry has wrestled his entire high school career and had yet another return to State.

Graduation is just around the corner for Tanner Lowry, and he is facing the next step.  He isn’t entirely sure what it is that he wants to do so he has wisely decided to take a year off to save money and do some soul searching.

Since he realizes that adulthood is just about to set in, he is making the most of his last year as a high school student. “I am not holding back,” stated Lowry.  “I am doing everything I wanted to do.”  However, he does admit that if he could change anything he might have tried playing tennis.

Since this is a time for reflection, Lowry looked back at his classes.  Math and any weights class have been his most enjoyable.  He did admit that he wished he had paid better attention in English.  “I will need it for the rest of my life,” Lowry commented.

Despite not always being the most attentive in all classes, he credits high school with making him a more responsible and wiser person.  He remarked, “High school has taught me to be responsible and taught me how to know which people to be around and who to avoid.”

Wanting to share some wisdom with the underclassmen, Lowry left this advice for the underclassmen.  “Study, pay attention, and work hard in class so you can do the things you want after high school.  Stay active because you will regret it later if you do not.”




TCHS students shower one another in kindness

Random Acts of Kindness


Students “chalk attack”  the sidewalk outside the school.

By Gracie Hickson
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) celebrated kindness week April 10-13.

FCA started the week by hanging up posters with kind quotes all over the school. They also made a kindness wall where people could write random acts of kindness for other students to do then cross of when the act was completed.

On Tuesday students came to school early to “chalk attack” the sidewalk of the high school with kind words and uplifting quotes. Students also stuck sticky notes with words of encouragement on all the lockers.

Thursday morning members made an appreciation breakfast for the staff. They also made thank you cards for the staff to thank the staff for everything they do for TCHS.


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