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Trego Show

Trego Show
Learning the lyrics to the song she will perform on March 7, Grace’ Glatz works to perfect her performance.

The TCHS Choir will present Trego Show on Tuesday, March 7 at 7:00 p.m.  This is an annual event in which students pick songs to perform. 

 Performances will be done by the Girls’ Ensemble who will sing “Fight Song,” and the Trego Singers will perform a medley of songs from the 70's.

 The seniors will also perform a selection, and other solos, duets, and small groups will sing a variety of country and pop tunes.

The TCHS Choir will close by singing “Sweet Caroline” and a Bon Jovi medley. 

The choir would like to invite everyone to come enjoy this yearly event.  There is no admission charge.






Dreams come true

Scott Novasel
Displaying his graphic novel, Fieldhouse, Scott Novasel tells the story of becoming a walk-on player for the KU men’s basketball team to students on February 21.

By Emarie Schoenthaler
High school and junior high students gathered in the TCHS auditorium to listen to Scott Novasel, a KAY sponsored speaker, on February 21.

Novasel is the author of the book Fieldhouse, a graphic novel that tells the true story of his dreams coming true.

Novasel spoke to students about dreams and what it takes to achieve them. He said there are three ingredients; challenges, positive attitude, and teamwork.

Novasel had always wanted to play for Roy Williams, former KU men’s basketball head coach. Novasel worked hard throughout high school and college to become a walk-on his senior year.

That year, KU won the national title.




TCHS forensics travel to Western Plains

Forensics 2/18
Holding their medals and happy with the results of the meet, the TCHS forensics students pose for a picture.
By Julian Coker
Six students attended a forensics meet at Western Plains on Saturday, February 18. Two people medaled in finals.

Grace' Glatz received second place for her poetry piece, and Haylee Gentry received sixth place for her poetry piece. Because Glatz received second place, she now gets to bring her poetry piece to State. 

While not all students placed, several did break finals. Haylee Gentry and Katelyn Cody made it to finals with their duet piece. Also placing in finals, Dylan Johnson and Benjamin Anderson won the judges votes with their IDA performances.





Two receive All Academic Team

All Academic

Cheyenne Nickelson and Kacie Dunn proudly show their All Academic Team certificates.   They were honored for maintaining a 3.85 GPA and participating in 12 or more KSHSAA activities.


Meet Trevor DePriest

Trevor DePriest
Fighting to stay ahead of his opponent, Trevor DePriest earns a win at one of the wrestling tournaments this season.

By Michael Knight
Beginning his last days of high school, Trevor DePriest plans to attend FHSU next year to “study something exciting.” However, he is “having as much fun as [he] can” because he wants to get the most out of the time he has left as a high school senior.

Before he heads off to college, DePriest thought about how high school has impacted his life and reflected, “It has made me be a lot more responsible.”

DePriest, looking back at all the classes over the last four years, stated, “Life time sports is my favorite class; it is lots of fun.” English, however, was always a struggle for Depriest since he could never develop an interest in reading or writing.

Reflecting on his high school career, DePriest contemplated what he would have done differently, saying, “I would have tried harder and played football.” Not wanting the underclassmen to make the same mistakes, he gave them the advice to “do your best and always give 110%.”


FCCLA week

By Gracie Hickson
February 6-14 was National FCCLA week at Trego Community High school. The school recognized it by dressing up each day that week.

The TCHS students came to school on Monday wearing their pajamas. Then on Tuesday students went from lazy to fancy on dress your best day.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day Wednesday was red out/fccla shirt day. Thursday students participated by wearing hats to school. On Friday students showed school spirit by wearing school colors on purple and gold day.

Points were awarded to members who participated. Members that earn the highest points can attend State meeting in April.


Student Council provides students with a break

Student Council BBQ
Playing four-square, senior Alex Haxton and junior Blake Spencer enjoy a break from their usual class during the Student Council BBQ on February 15.
By Emarie Schoenthaler
Trego Community High School Student Council hosted its annual student barbecue and activities day on February 15.

The purpose behind the BBQ is to allow students from all classes to get together for a small break from the academic schedule and for a chance to bond. "Sometimes January and February seem like a very long and dreary time, so the students appreciate and enjoy the small reprieve from the daily grind," stated Nora Schoenthaler, a Student Council sponsor.

The usual lunch schedule was ignored on this day, and students reported by class, starting with the seniors.  This gave the students an opportunity to eat and visit with people they usually don't get to see.

While the students enjoy the lunch, many find the activities to be the best part of the event. As students finished eating, they went to the gym and participated in activities such as basketball, dodgeball, ping pong, and four-square.

Many students declared, "It's like having recess again!"

At the end of the lunch hour, students returned to their classes hopefully feeling a bit more ready to face the normal academic challenges.




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