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Trego scholars' bowl travels to Hill City

By Kelby Aschenbrenner
The TCHS Scholars' Bowl team battled some tough competition in Hill City on December 5, but they still left the tournament with a winning record of 5-4.

Trego needed time to warm-up as they unfortunately lost the first two rounds of the night. Hoxie squeaked by them with a score of 40-50 and Hill City,  20-70.

The Eagles, however, came back to defeat Stockton with a score of 40-10. Trego also slipped by Plainville by correctly answering a replacement question with a score of 20-10.

Trego’s two game streak halted when they fell to Osborne, 10-60, but they triumphed in the next three rounds: Ellis, 60-20; Northern Valley, 50-20; Thunder Ridge, 50-0.  Unfortunately, the Eagles ended the night with a 40-50 loss to Hill City’s second team.

Junior player, Bernard Giefer answered the most questions with 14 correct answers.


Meet Kassidy Chase

Kassidy Chase works on yearbook and web during her break.

By Gracie Hickson
After she graduates, senior Kassidy Chase plans to “attend Fort Hays to achieve a degree in criminal justice.”  Through the last four years of high school, Chase stated, “it made me realize that I want to be independent and not to always rely on my parent like some high school students.

Since this is Chase’s last year in high school, she plans to make it memorable by “participating in as much community service activities as I can. I also am traveling more; this summer I traveled to Italy, wanted to expand my horizons, and experience new things. I also have three jobs to help with the cost of college. I am meeting new people, and learning new ways to do things.

Out of all four years Chase’s favorite class was Life Time Sports last year with the 2016 seniors.  Her least favorite class was Forensics. She claimed, “Love the teacher, just don’t understand anything.”

Chase’s advice for underclassmen is “get a job. It is a huge accomplishment to be able to make your own money and travel when you can.”  If Chase could have changed anything in the last four years, she would have “participated in sports more, and maybe tried more my first two years of school.”

It’s Christmas Time

The TCHS Choir will present their Christmas Concert on Monday night, December 12th, at 7:00 p.m. 
The Girls Ensemble will sing Sending You a Little Christmas and O Holy Night.

The Boys Ensemble will sing Fun, Fun, Fun, and the Trego Singers will perform Angel's Carol and Please Come Home For Christmas

The TCHS Choir will sing Yule Be Swingin'It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas, A Swingin' Christmas medley,  of Winter Wonderland, I'll Be Home, and Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town, and Merry Christmas to All (a medley of carols.) You are invited to share in this musical time
before Christmas with the TCHS Choir on Monday, December 12th at 7:00 p.m.


Winter sports teams prepare to take on the season

Sean Dreiling
Running an offensive drill, Coach Sean Dreiling blocks one of his players to prepare them for upcoming competition.

By Helen Giefer
Boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, and wrestling teams are ready to hit the season full blast.

Nineteen boys are out for basketball.

Coach Sean Dreiling’s main goals are to “compete at a high level both physically and mentally” and to “fight every day to represent Trego on and off the court.” He wants his team to get ready for games with “Practice, Practice, Practice.” Also, he says the coaches will watch films to prepare their teams on what they see.

According to one of the four seniors, Emmit Owens, the team’s strengths lie in the fact that they “have a never give up attitude, and we have each other’s back.” The goals of the team are “to get better each day and to represent Trego the best we can.” The team has been working hard in the gym everyday to prepare for the season. The things that stand out most about the team is their “determination to want to win. We’re hungry, and we are going to give it our all this season,” stated Owens.

Jerod Brown
Explaining his goal to player, Emily Buchholz, Coach Jerod Brown points out the details of the play.

With 18 girls out for basketball, Coach Jerod Brown is also ready to begin the season. “I want to push these girls as far as I possibly can mentally and physically so that they can enjoy success as part of this team,” stated Brown. Also, he wants the girls to see how good they can be individually and as a team. Brown commented, “If these ladies can get to the point where they truly believe that they can be a very good basketball team, then we will have accomplished the biggest step in getting to where we all want to be.” Of course, Brown still wants them to “enjoy the game and this opportunity they have at this time of their lives. There will never be another experience like playing high school sports with their friends.” To prepare for competition, Brown said he will still study new strategies and ideas of the game, as well as learning strategies of the teams they will play. “I believe I should never quit being a student of the game,” says Brown. “The only team we can ultimately control is ourselves.”

The only senior girl in basketball, Emily Buchholz, commented on the fact that the team is “quick and we work together.” They all want to place in tournaments and “become a family and work hard together,” according to Buchholz. The team has prepared for the season by being pushed by their coaches to work hard. They have also done a lot of running and other work. Buchholz stated the teams stands out as “a young team, but that doesn’t stop us from working hard, never giving up, and wanting to win.” Wrestling is also getting underway. 

Coach Jeremy Samson has 14 boys in wrestling.

Jeremy Samson
Surveying their performance, Coach Jeremy Samson runs his wrestlers through a warm-up.

His goals are to “see everyone get better every day.” He added, “Success doesn’t happen overnight. It happens day by day with forward progress both large and small.” Samson’s team will prepare for the season by working “our tails off and be in as great physical condition as we can.” According to Samson, if the wrestlers’ opponents don’t see them getting tired, it is a huge advantage.

Senior wrestlers Tanner Lowry and Trevor DePriest commented on the upcoming season.

According to the seniors, the team’s strengths are their eagerness to learn and their experience. The team’s goals are to “get more people into the state tournament,” said Lowry. They also want to “improve and show up to our tournaments with a chip on our shoulder ready to wrestle,” added DePriest. Furthermore, the seniors mentioned that the team has prepared for the season by lifting weights, participating in fall sports, and practicing hard. Lowry pointed out, “We are a younger team and we have a lot of athletes if they are willing to put in the effort it takes.” As stated by DePriest, the team stands out because they are “unique and not a lot of the other teams can say they have such a good group of guys that are willing to come in everyday and work and be able to have fun just like we are able to.”


Students and pets

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By Cambrie Kemp
After a long day of school and work, pets are always waiting, eager to greet their owners when they return home. A few of the students at TCHS share some of their most memorable and funny moments along with some interesting facts about their pets.

Pets sometimes do the funniest things. When asked to share something funny about her dog, Bailey Mattke, 11, said “Because my dog, Jax, is a Great Dane, he likes to sit on the couch as a normal human.” Just like humans, pets have their favorite foods also. After being asked about her dog’s favorite treat, she responded, “Human food... he isn't suppose to have any but he is so cute, so it's hard not to!”

Adrian Dietz, 10, shared “I got my cat, Ginny, from Lexus Haxton.” She also mentioned that the funniest thing Ginny does is, “roll on her back when she wants to be pet by someone.”

Sometimes, pet names come in the funniest and most unique ways. Sharing how her Great Pyrenees got his name, Libby Frost, 9, states “Jack got his name because my last name is Frost, making his name, Jack Frost.”

Madison Schoenthaler, 11, got her dog, Paislee from a family in Montezuma, Kansas. Madison stated, “She was really scared of this toy pig I got her and she would bolt from any room if she saw it and hide.”

Pets play an important role in student’s lives. Whether it’s their never-ending love and attention, their loyalty, or the funny things they do on a regular basis, there is never a dull moment when they’re around.


TCHS Choir students selected for Distirict KMEA Choir

KMEA Three Trego Choir students were selected by live audition to sing in the NW District KMEA Choir to be held at the FHSU campus on Dec. 10. The students are Amiya Schmitt, Brenna Flax and Austin Cramer. The choir will rehearse during the day at FHSU with other selected students from Northwest Kansas and then will perform a concert in the Beach Schmidt Auditorium at 3:30 p.m. Admission is $5.00 for adults, and students get in free. (This concert is the same day as the Elementary KMEA Concert, to be held at Beach Schmidt Auditorium at 12:30 p.m.) Congratulations to these students!


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