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Floral arrangement of the month club

Each month an appropriately themed arrangement will be designed and arranged by members of the WaKeeney FFA Plant and Soil Science class. This program is designed to give students extra experience beyond the financial limits of the class.

The arrangements will be made and sold at approximate cost to you as the consumer. This will allow you to purchase a $25-$30 retail arrangement for a $12.00 wholesale cost. It should be clarified that this is not a fundraiser, but rather a career related student experience with materials being provided by an outside source.

To participate in the “WaKeeney FFA Floral Arrangement of the Month Club” or to order any of our other special products please fill out the form and return to an FFA member or Blair Wilkerson.



TCHS student discovers a unique hobby

Ryan poses with Walter, his favorite puppet

By Austin
Ryan, a freshman, loves puppets so much that he created a hobby for himself.

Even though he loves puppets, he hasn’t been using them for very long. His hobby started during his eighth grade year.  He now owns 16 puppets. His favorite one is named Walter, a puppet dressed as a cop.

While Ryan enjoys his puppets, he also loves to perform for people and performs at home and at school.  So far, he has several fans of his hobby, pointing out his biggest, Joan Townley, who is a teacher at Trego Elementary School.

If Ryan could perform in front of anyone in the world, it would be for his best friend, a fellow freshman. He also has some great ideas for the school. His biggest idea is for the school to host a talent show. Ryan commented, “If I could perform in front of the entire school, I would.”

Planning for his future, Ryan wishes to be a ventriloquist when he is out of school.

Ryan, who has the support of his friends, family, and teachers, stated, “I will always love puppets.”



TCHS teacher develops scientific knowledge

James Burk
James Burk collects emission data from algae pellet burn.
By Haylee
James Burk, a TCHS science teacher, attended a science program at the University of Kansas called RET-SHIFT.

Burk explained, “This was a six week long program funded by the National Science Foundation that allows eight Kansas science teachers the opportunity to work alongside University of Kansas engineering faculty and graduate students.”

During the experience, he and his research team focused on the potential of dried algae.

“Our primary concern was the emissions that would be produced by burning algae based fuel. We needed to determine if there would be any harmful material released by burning algae,” stated Burk.

The teachers were also tasked with developing methods “to translate what we were discovering” to future high school students.

“I found the experience extremely valuable and rewarding,” Burk commented. Furthermore, he was able to develop new science projects that he plans to use with his several students at TCHS.

Burk enjoyed the program so much he plans to apply again next year.



Adrianne, the pianist

During her free time, Adrianne practices piano for her own enjoyment and for upcoming recitals.

By Brenna
Playing since she was 7 years old, Adrianne is an accomplished pianist.

Her mother played for their church, which inspired Adrianne to continue to play. Her brother and sisters played piano. Adrianne always wanted to be like her siblings, so playing piano was one way she could be like them. “Starting young,” Adrianne said, “is an important thing so you can play at a higher difficulty when you are older.”

Last year, she had weekly lessons with Kathy Jamison, and even then it was difficult to juggle piano

with all of her sports. This year, she doesn’t take lessons, but practices on weekends, or whenever she finds time.

Adrianne has done a number of recitals through the years. “During Contest, I worry I will forget the piece,” she said, “while during recitals I feel even more nervous because I am in front of a lot of the community.” When she does play her piece, Adrianne feels as though she is “putting music together.”

Her friends have always pushed her to play. She credits a particular friend with challenging her to continue to play and continue to try harder. While her friend plays music heard on the radio, Adrianne is supporting her friend and strives to play more songs at a higher difficulty.




KAY fundraiser

Car Decals

Trego KAY is selling 8.25” x 6.75 vehicle decals. If you would like to purchase one please email They are $15 each.









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TCHS student discovers a unique hobby

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