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MCL All Academic Award winners

MCL Award

Allyson Denning, Isaiah Fabrizius, Abraham Pfannenstiel, and Larissa Howard were honored with the Mid-Continent League All Academic Award during the halftime of the boys’ championship game at TCHS on January 24. To receive the award, students had to have a 3.85 GPA or above and participate in 12 or more MCL sponsored events . Twenty-four students from across the league received the award.


Kindergarten celebrates 100th day


Jane Lang’s Kindergarten class dresses up to celebrate the 100th day of school on January 23.

By Abraham Pfannenstiel
Jane Lang’s Kindergarten class dressed up, decorated, danced, and did a whole lot of counting to celebrate the 100th day of school on January 23.

When the day began, the classroom took a leap into the future as the class dressed up as if they were 100 years old, bringing along glasses, wigs, walkers, and canes. The students all brought a collection of some kind, all with 100 items in their bags.

Once class began, the students participated in many different counting activities. They decorated a gumball machine with 100 gumballs, put 100 different toppings on a picture of a pizza, watched videos relating to math concepts, and ate trail mix with 100 different food items.

When asked what their favorite part of the day was, the kindergartners had a varied amount of answers.

Some said the “zero-shaped donuts were awesome,” while others claimed that “dressing up was the best.” One said it was “funny to see my teacher dress up,” and another joined in that “counting like fish is cool.” However, one of the students summed it up best for the class when he said that “the whole day is really good.”

The day concluded with all Kindergartners confident in their ability to count to 100.


Ag class raises pigs


Emily Buchholz treats Socks the pig to a cherry sucker during a class trip to feed and water the pigs.

By Emarie Schoenthaler
The FFA Animal Science class is raising pigs to slaughter for serving at the Labor and Pie Auction on February 23. 

Back in November, the class used FFA funds to buy the three and a half month old pigs from Billips in Hill City. At the time, the pigs, which were named Socks and Dicky, weighed 75 pounds each.

For the last several weeks, the class has watered, fed, and weighed the two pigs, which are being held near the sale barn.  On the days that the class is not able to take care of the pigs, FFA advisor Blair Wilkerson takes care of them.

Since their arrival in November, the pigs have grown steadily, eating up to five to eight pounds a day.  Socks currently weighs 145 and Dicky is 175. The pigs will be slaughtered and served for the Free Hog Roast before the auction.

One student, Molly M., commented on this experience.

“It’s nothing new from what I’m used to, being in 4-H and all. Slaughtering is just a way of life.”

The class consists of Melea Hladky, Shawnee P., Kat Muench, Teghan Sells, Emarie Schoenthaler, Molly Moden, and Emily Buchholz.


KAY hosts successful tournament


 Firing up his throwing arm, Brendan Karnes launches a dodgeball across the court at the KAY dodgeball tournament on January 16.

By Abraham Pfannenstiel
Recreation and service were the two focus points as the TCHS KAY club hosted a dodgeball tournament in the old gym on January 16.

At the event, there were six co-ed teams playing in a round robin tournament. The entry fee for the teams was one box of Kleenex per person. The Kleenex was then donated to the school for the classrooms.

At the end of the tournament, the team comprised of Cedric Flax, Brendan Karnes, Hayden Cook, Alex Haxton, Allyson Denning, and Emmit Owens were crowned the winners and received a bag of chocolate.




3-4 records for Scholars’ Bowl

By Emarie Schoenthaler
The Trego Scholars’ Bowl team had to split up and travel to two different locations on January 15.

One team traveled to Ellis and ended the night with a 3-4 record. Trego took the first match against Ellis with a score of 75-30. They also went on to win against Lacrosse, 70-50, and Stockton, 80-50. However, the Eagles fell to Hill City, 40-70, Wheatland, 50-70, Plainville, 40-50, and Ness City, 40-60. 

Tanner Townley answered the most questions with 17 and Dean Barney answered 13.

The second team traveled to Osborne and also ended with a 3-4 record. The team defeated Rock Hills, 60-30, Sylvan Lucas, 40-10, and Glasco, 70-30, but lost against TMP, 60-90, Beloit, 0-50, Smith Center, 15-70, and Palco, 50-30.

Their top scorer was Bernard Giefer with a total of 15 questions answered, followed by Janae H. who answered eight questions.

The Scholars’ Bowl team will compete next at Phillipsburg on January 20.

Win an IPad Mini

By Alyssa Hafliger
The TCHS Science Club is raising money to help the St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital by selling raffle tickets for a 16 GB, Wi-Fi capable IPad mini.  All the proceeds will go to the research hospital.

You can buy tickets from science club members.   Ticket prices are one ticket for a dollar, 6 for $5, and 14 for $10. Don’t worry if you don’t have cash; you can write a check payable to TCHS. You can also email Jenna Shepherd at or Shaylee Flax at .If you don’t want to buy tickets, you can also give a donation to the cause.

The Science Club will also have a booth in the Commons Area on January 23, 24, 27, and 30. The drawing will take place on January 30 at the home basketball game; the winner does NOT have to be present to win.

TCHS: cleaner than you think

Bio II Project

Gathering samples for a Biology II experiment, Nicholas Wynn and Joshua H. collect bacteria.

By Abraham Pfannenstiel
Jenna Shepherd’s Biology II class put the bacteria hiding in TCHS to good use by conducting a wide range of experiments in the past weeks.

Although most of the bacteria they collect are probably harmless (only a very small percent of bacteria cause disease), to carry out the studies, students covered up in sterile equipment, put their samples in a Petri dish, and let the bacteria incubate for a 24 hour period. The students were given a chance to take samples from all over the school to study.

The experiments they conducted included finding the cleanest place in the school, testing the effectiveness of hand sanitizer, whether or not “double-dipping” spreads germs, and testing the bacteria for gram positive or gram negative samples.

At the conclusion of the study, students found that the school contained both gram positive and negative samples. The difference between the two deals with the genetic makeup.

Because of its stronger cell wall, gram negative bacteria resist antibiotics more effectively.

They also determined that the cleanest places in the school are places that are cleaned regularly. For example, the bathroom stalls and the toilet were among the cleaner areas. Teacher’s keyboards were also found to be clean.

The places that held the most bacteria were areas that are touched often, such as, locker handles, shoes, and cell phones.


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